Australia politics live: Nationals in disarray amid spill rumours as PM and premiers to meet for emergency Covid national cabinet – live | Australia news

In terms of where we are right now, we are well behind where we need to be. You know, our total in terms of our population, and how many are fully vaccinated, it’s around 3%.

You look at other jurisdictions around the world, they’re at 45%, 50%, 60% fully vaccinated, and a much higher number with their first doses.

So, when you compare how Australia is going with the rest of the world, we are falling so far behind it’s not funny.

Now, what we’ve seen out of this very high-level plan are fewer doses for Victorians for weeks in July and August before a mad rush at the end of the year.

Now, I welcome General Frewen’s appointment, and God knows we need someone to sort out the mess in Canberra, so I welcome his appointment.

But what we need to see out of national cabinet today, and for the rest of the year, is a sense of urgency, an acknowledgement that this is a race and that we need more supply, not fewer doses, coming to Victoria in July and August, but more supply so that we can meet the demand that is out there.

People want to get vaccinated. We need people to get vaccinated. The higher the proportion of your population that is vaccinated, the better options there are for public health advice in terms of how we get through this pandemic.