Identity politics leads to divisiveness – Chico Enterprise-Record

The most destructive force in American politics is identity politics; I mean the divisive, grievance oriented focus on race and gender now dominating political discourse on the left.

The poorest black man in America is encouraged to think he has much in common with the richest black man and nothing in common with the poorest white; after all, with his black brother, he shares racial identity.  The poorest woman may think she has more in common with the richest woman, than the poorest man — solidarity with her gender identity group being primary.

In reality, the poorest black man has far more in common with the poorest white man and the poorest woman has far more in common with the poorest man. What these poorest people share is “economic identity” — an identity defined in their lack of access to home ownership, decent quality medical care, good working conditions, retirement solvency, etc.  In other words, this economic identity unites them in a way race and gender never will.

It’s ugly to talk about money and lack of money, but it’s the very best way to measure the “oppression” leftists are keen to explore. All we have to do is to look at who has the capital and who doesn’t and we can illuminate the ugliest reality; that is, who does the “exploiting” and who gets “exploited.”

Leftists remain mired in race and gender identity fixations, while the working class remains fractured — and while the “haves” keep laughing … all the way to the bank.

— Patrick Newman, Chico