LETTERS: Prop 113 would forfeit Colorado’s political clout to California

EDITOR: If ever there were a ballot measure worthy of bipartisan opposition, it is Proposition 113. Proponents of Prop 113, the so-called National Popular Vote scheme, rely upon a faulty and deceptive “one person, one vote” message. The reality is far different.

The Electoral College ensures Colorado’s votes count. In spite of Colorado’s small size vis-à-vis state such as California, Texas and New York, candidates must campaign in Colorado to win our nine Electoral College votes.

Because candidates go where the votes are, presidential political power under National Popular Vote would migrate toward highly populated cities and states. No wonder the bulk of the money in support of Prop 113 comes from California!

For this very reason, Nevada’s Democrat Governor, Steve Sisolak, vetoed National Popular Vote, writing, “In cases like this, where Nevada’s interests could diverge from the interests of large states, I will always stand up for Nevada.”

In Proposition 113, Colorado voters face a simple choice on the November 3 ballot: should Colorado’s Electoral College votes go to the candidate who wins the vote in Colorado, or to the candidate who wins in the other 49 states? It’s a simple choice and an easy decision: vote NO on Proposition 113.

Layne, via [email protected]