LETTERS: What politics is supposed to be; paying for perpetual ineptitude | Opinion

What politics is supposed to be

It is very clear that something needs to be done to improve our education system – and The Learning Enrichment and Academic Progress program seems to be a well-thought-out solution. (“Let’s Help Colorado’s children catch up” March 12).

In a time when we are so divided, this reminds me of what politics is supposed to be. Leaders with different backgrounds and beliefs, coming together to solve a common goal. Sens. Bob Gardner and Rhonda Fields might sit on opposite sides of the aisle, but their ability to work together for the betterment of our kids speaks volumes for the quality of Colorado’s legislators.

T. Jarvis Caldwell

El Paso County

Paying for perpetual ineptitude

Colorado Springs Utilities continues to show its arrogance and disregard for the citizens of Colorado Springs. What other entity can cover its ineptitude by arbitrarily raising its prices without regard to its impact on the citizenry and community as a whole. In reality, this is another blatant example of taxation without representation. It should be illegal.

We are told that we need to cover the cost of the increase in natural gas prices. When in effect we are covering up for the way Utilities operates its business. A business by the way that is owned by us, the citizens. In any large institution that deals in the commodities markets, whether it be corn, wheat, oil, natural gas etc., there are fundamental hedging strategies that are normally employed to mitigate the problem that Utilities is making us pay for. But that would take a certain level of competence that Utilities obvious does not possess.

For those of us who have lived in Colorado Springs long enough to remember Memorial Hospital as a city-owned entity, you will remember the kerfuffle that arose with the idea of privatizing the hospital. Under city ownership, Memorial had buried itself under an unfunded pension that either required a city bailout or that the hospital be sold. Liberals in the community who believe that the world would be a better place if the means of production were always owned by “state” were apoplectic. But look at where UC Health is today.

We have the same problem with Colorado Springs Utilities. It is a billion-dollar corporation overseen by a bunch of part-time politicians who do not have a clue about managing a company of any size. So they essentially sit at the feet of Utilities management and do its bidding.

We are told that the fee increase is only for 14 months. But who among us really believes this will go away? The utility is forcing the public to pay for its perpetual ineptitude. In 14 months, it will be something new for them to spend our money on. Ask all the people who are seeking financial help and/or food assistance during the COVID crisis how easy it will be to pay an additional $21 to keep their lights on. Or what about a commercial customer having to pay an additional $450?

In the short run, the timing is lousy and shows a disregard for the people of Colorado Springs. In the long run it is just another reason while Utilities must be privatized.

Mike Carroll

Colorado Springs

Expired plates everywhere

It used to be when you had expired plates you were ticketed. I guess you can get away with not renewing license plated now. Also, you would never have let your temporary expire but once again it does not matter.

I have seen license plates and temporary plates clear back to January 2020. I figure that people do not go get license plates for their cars because you have to have insurance to get plates so therefore they are driving on expired temporary as they do not have insurance. That is great if you get in an accident with one of them.

It makes me mad as I pay for the plates, which is money for the state and city and yet bunches of others are not paying anything. If you watch, you will see lots of green stickers and expired temporary stickers.

Even saw a schoolbus from St. Mary’s High School the other day with license plate that expired 9/20.

The school cannot afford new plates? I wonder when they are going to start getting these cars off the streets.

Robert Taylor

Colorado Springs

Warmth can come from a cold day

I am blessed to live in a neighborhood where children and adults are quick to help neighbors under dire weather conditions. What a beautiful sight it was this morning, watching them shovel snow all around the cul-de-sac!

During times like these is when one becomes apolitical, aware of the reality that there is good in every one of us. Neither one side of politicians is all good, nor is the other all bad. On the contrary, the common denominator among all is hunger for love, justice and mutual respect and understanding.

It is when I remove my blinders that I am reminded of the good in human nature, as opposed to allowing myself to focus on negativity, anger, fear and overall pessimism.

When I use the pronoun “I,” my conviction is that this concept also applies to each one of you who chose to read this note. COVID or not, the potential for live to end, unexpectedly, makes it that much more desirable for us to be ready when the time comes.

Worry, anger, hatred, unnecessary stress … how can such lethal ingredients contribute to a peaceful coexistence among human beings?

This, by all means, is not to negate the suffering of many, for whatever reason. However, by removing the poisoning element of hatred and anger toward others, we can do far more good to all, including ourselves.

Marcela Gaumer

Colorado Springs

For the good of the planet

I loved Jon Caldara’s opinion piece on the progressive extremists’ schemes to rid us of our supposedly polluting vehicles. He hit the nail on the head when he said “it is not about air quality, it’s about social engineering.”

Why do progressives think they know the best way for you and I to live our lives? Why do progressives want to take away everything that makes us productive and happy? Why do progressives want to remake the USA into a failed country such as Venezuela or North Korea?

They are lying through their teeth when they say they don’t want that. Progressives are tyrants who want you and I to live and work for their comfort. People decry our past of slavery. Progressives want to put us all back there … for the good of the planet, of course.

Joseph Ford

Colorado Springs