Marc D. Greenwood: John Lewis earned a political funeral

Well, well. Cal Thomas lamented that John Lewis, a sit-in organizer, Freedom Rider, youngest speaker at the March on Washington, bludgeoned on Bloody Sunday, and served in Congress for over 30 years had a political funeral (Sun Journal, Aug. 6). Duh.

President Barack Obama spoke well of Lewis, he eulogized him. He explained how Willie Mae Lewis nurtured her small, serious, and shy child. She drilled this maxim into him: “Once you get something inside your head, no one can take it away from you.”

One day Lewis scrolled the radio dial, he heard Martin Luther King Jr., his unction and his urgency enthralled the 15 year old. He wrote King, who wrote back and enclosed a round-trip bus ticket to meet him in Montgomery.

Aflame, he helped organize the 1960 sit-ins in Nashville. Later that year Lewis and Bernard Lafayette tested the Supreme Court ruling that banned segregated interstate bus facilities. They sat up front in a Greyhound bus, and refused to move on their trip, unsupported and unsanctioned trip. Their courage, immense.

At 23 years old Lewis was the youngest March on Washington speaker. He said, “. . . we are tired of being beat by policeman. We are tired of being locked up in jail. . .”.

Thomas took personal offense to what he called Obama’s veiled denunciation of President Donald Trump. What? The same man who dismissed and discredited Obama’s presidency. He wasn’t an American citizen.

Did Thomas object to basketball references at Kobe Bryant’s funeral?

Marc D. Greenwood, Camp Hill, Alabama

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