Paid political letter: Need campaign signs for the DFL Party? – Albert Lea Tribune

The pandemic seems to have changed every facet of our lives. It has even changed politics. Political parties have struggled to find a way forward during the time of COVID-19. We Democrats on a statewide basis have decided that it is not safe for someone running for office to be casual about how to interact with the citizens and voters of the district. Local Democrats will not knock on doors to talk to voters during this pandemic. Locally our Freeborn County DFL has made the decision to not have a physical headquarters this election. We were sad to have to make this decision. We will miss the in-person interactions and energy, but it is a small price to pay compared to the load that essential workers, health care workers and teachers are paying all the time.

So, if people want to obtain Democratic yard signs, they can sign up for them on the DFL Facebook page or they can call 377-2853 and leave a message with their name, address and phone number and the list of signs they want (Martinez, Sparks, Feehan, Smith and Biden). Either way, we will deliver them and put them up for you. Easy peezy and no contact. We welcome any donations for signs. People can volunteer for phone banks, text banks, etc., by visiting candidates’ websites or Facebook pages.

We Democrats are excited for the elections, excited for our candidates and hope that you will follow us in the Albert Lea Tribune or on social media. 

We will work to earn your support, but please know we would never endanger your health.

Julie Ackland


Freeborn County DFL Party